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Haining Yitai Knitting Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2004, Yitai knitting has grown into one of good performance knitting fabric suppliers. We are dedicated to developing and manufacturing for knitting fabric from the very beginning. Now we are professional

China knitted interlock fabric suppliers and wholesale Interlock Fabric factory.

Yitai knitting’s main products are yoga wear spandex fabrics, activewear nylon fabric, swimwear & beachwear polyester fabrics, underwear poly fabrics, team sportswear knitting fabrics, sustainability interlock fabrics etc. We believe in Yitai knitting fabrics that you can wear in comfort on a daily basis, even look good and feel good. Our pursuit has never been lower labor costs, higher output and cheaper price. Instead, we pay more attention to high quality and better supporting services. By complying with the trend of globalization, Yitai knitting fabric is changing people’s life subtly. Over the past 15 years, we have made unremitting efforts following the business idea of “intelligent creation and high quality”. In the coming days, we will still abide by “customers come first” service idea to forge ahead bravely to the world stage.

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Technical Advantages

Focus on the developing of knitted fabric


Waterproof, humidity control temperature regulation, cool"no sweat"


"breathed" waterproof film with reliable quality

Comfortable Stretch

stretchable 360 degree high latitude and high stretch comfort

Keep Warm

One-piece woven seamless process 360 degree anti-lock lock temperature

No Sweat Experience

Weaving the moisture wicking function (Cool Pass) into the fabric to achieve a permanent moisture wicking effect

Graphene Technology

Anti-static, anti-bacterial deodorization effective evolution of dust