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The Global Recycled Standard (GRS) is a voluntary product standard for tracking and verifying the content of recycled materials in a final product. To meet the needs of company looking to verify the recycled content of our products and to verify responsible social environmental and chemical practices in their production, Yitai knitting also got the GRS certification. It covers processing, manufacturing, packaging, labeling, trading and distribution of all products made with a minimum of 20% recycled material.

Although the GRS is owned by Textile Exchange, the range of products is not limited to textiles and can include any type of product containing recycled content materials.
The desired effect of GRS is to provide brands with a tool for more accurate labeling, to encourage innovation in the use of reclaimed materials, to establish more transparency in the supply chain, and to provide better information to consumers.

Certification Features

  • Recycled Polymer Materials - Contains a minimum of 20% recycled content
  • Ethical - Avoids questionable or unethical sources
  • Labor Protections - Ensures that workers are treated fairly according to internationally recognized (ILO) labor standards
  • Supply Chain Management - Introduces supply chain risk management tools to improve sourcing strategies and prevent destructive environmental practices
  • Environmental Impact Assessment - examines the environmental impacts associated with product manufacturing
  • Chain of Custody – Transaction certificates follow the material through the supply chain

Certification for GRS benefits you, your customers, and other stakeholders, by demonstrating:

  • Alignment of definitions across multiple applications.
  • Tracking and tracing Recycled input materials.
  • Providing customers (both brands and consumers) with a tool to make informed decisions.
  • Reducing harmful impact of production to people and the environment.
  • Providing assurance that materials in the final product are actually Recycled and processed more sustainably.
  • Driving innovation in addressing quality issues in the use of Recycled materials.


[Download] GRS Global Recycled Standard