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Talk about the difference between cotton wool and jersey

Different raw materials

Single jersey is a kind of thin woven fabric, usually with fine or medium size cotton or blended yarn, woven into a single layer on a warp or weft knitting machine with plain needles, tucks, rib knitting, jacquard and other mechanisms or double-sided textiles.​​

Cotton wool is a double rib knitted fabric, which is a woven fabric formed by combining two rib mechanisms with each other. Because only the front coils can be seen on both sides of the textile, it is also called double-sided cloth.​​

2. Different fabric characteristics

The jersey fabric has a smooth surface, clear texture, delicate material and smooth touch. The vertical and horizontal directions have better ductility, and the horizontal direction is more ductile than the vertical direction. The performance of sweat absorption and ventilation is better, but it has detachment and curling properties, and sometimes the coil tilt problem occurs.​​

Cotton wool has soft touch, good ductility, uniform surface, clear texture, and higher stability than jersey and knitted rib. This is some kind of weft-knitted fabric, soft and strong, with good lateral extensibility and no curling.​​

3. Different main uses

Because of its strong absorption of sweat, jersey is often used for close-fitting clothing, such as undershirts and camisoles of different styles.​​

Cotton wool can be used to make cotton sweater pants, sweatshirt pants, coats, camisole, briefs, nightgowns, etc.