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We are dedicated to developing and manufacturing knitting fabric from the very beginning.

Intertextile SHANGHAI apparel fabrics


Intertextile Apparel Fabrics was founded in 1995. Since establishment, it has been adhering to the principles of professionalism and trade, serving the enterprise, the industry, and the market, winning unanimous praise from exhibitors, visitors and industry professionals. It was initially held in Shanghai every fall, expanding to every March and September in Shanghai, and November in Shenzhen. The Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics in Shanghai every September has the largest scale of 260,000 square meters in recent years, with more than 4,600 exhibitors from 30 countries and regions. As the world's larger professional fabric exhibition, intertextile fabric exhibition has witnessed the rapid development of China's textile and apparel industry for more than 20 years.

Since 2015, intertextile Shanghai apparel fabric has joined hands with yarnexpo China International Textile Yarn (Autumn and Winter) Exhibition, CHIC China International Clothing and Apparel Expo (Autumn), PH Value China International Knitting (Autumn and Winter) Expo and other industries The upstream and downstream brand exhibition of the chain is held in Shanghai at the same time in September every year. As the  joint fleet of exhibitions in the global textile industry chain, it presents new products, new technologies, new models, new trends, and new ideas in the textile field in an all-round way, promoting the healthy and sustainable development of the industry, and opens up a new development pattern in coordination.


Haining Yitai Kintting Co.Ltd will join intertextile from October 9-11.

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