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We are dedicated to developing and manufacturing knitting fabric from the very beginning.

Knitted fabrics come in a variety of types

Unlike woven fabrics, knitted fabrics are elastic, airy, soft and flexible. They can be made in many different ways, depending on the type of knitting method used. These fabrics are commonly used for home decor and clothing. They are also used for body suits and swimwear.

Knitted fabrics come in a variety of types, including jersey, flat knit, tricot and pointelle. They are often used for men's underwear and women's tops. They have a soft drape and are crease resistant. They can be made more quickly and easily than woven fabrics. They are easy to care for. They are also inexpensive to make. They are ideal for tailored applications.

Jersey knit fabric is the most popular knitted fabric. It is made by knitting two sets of yarns diagonally. The yarns are twisted together to form loops that are interlaced with each other. These loops act as reversible hinges at the edges of the fabric.

Lace knits are another type of knit fabric. They are used to make clothing, household trims, and accessories. They usually consist of multi-colored threads that are sewn into the fabric. They can be used for a variety of applications, including shirts, skirts, and pants. They are generally used in women's wear, but they can also be used for kids' clothing.

Knitted fabrics can also be made on a machine. However, they may have a learning curve. A beginner may be tempted to start with a knit fabric, but if you're new to sewing, woven fabrics are best to begin with. You'll want to make sure that you're using the right needles for the job. You'll also want to make sure you're using a flat pattern cutting technique. You should also ensure that you pin your patterns carefully.

Knitted fabrics can be made from many different types of yarns, including Wool and Cotton. They are also easy to care for and tend to be lightweight. They can be machine knit, hand knit, or hand sewn. Some of the more popular types of knit fabric include tricot knit fabric, jersey knit fabric, and lace knits.

The flat knit stitch is an inexpensive and fast way to make a t-shirt or a terrycloth. You can also use double looped stitches of various lengths to make patterned fabrics. It's also great for making velour.

Knitted fabrics are flexible and can stretch in all four directions. They can also be used to create folds and pleats. They are also durable, but they will fray. You may also need to serge or overlock seams if you're using this technique. You should also make sure that you wash your fabric before cutting it. This is especially important for knitted fabrics.

Knitted fabrics are generally made from polyester, cotton, and wool. They can also be made with spandex added to the main fibre content. The thickness of a knitted fabric is determined by the number of loops and the fineness of the yarn. The amount of stretch is also a factor.